How Do I Get Paid To Text Guys?

How Do I Get Paid To Text Guys?


As a chat therapist and psychiatrist, your main aim is to provide help and advice to clients in need of mental support.

You need to have a smartphone connected to a reliable connection as your main mode of communication will be through text, telephone therapy, and online video chat therapy.

18. Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat is a platform for coaches, influencers, and advisors working in various fields offering consultations with clients, fans, and followers.

You can earn anywhere between $1 – $6 per text chat minute and $2 – $9 per live video chat minute with Premium.Chat taking a commission in between.

19. Fibler

Fibler is a platform that helps people find answers to their questions by connecting them with experts in various fields of expertise such as doctors, lawyers, coaches, etc. through one-to-one phone consultation at an affordable price.

Depending on your field of expertise, you can charge anywhere between $1 – $9 per voice call session, $2 – $15 per video call session $1 – $3 per text chat session with Fibler taking a commission in between.

While keeping in mind, the higher you charge will result in fewer customers and the lower you charge will result in more customers.

Therefore, charging properly is crucial to how much you will earn. Doing a bit of research in your field of expertise will help you find the right rate.

20. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a platform similar to JustAnswer, offering jobs that will help companies with sales, customer, and technical support services.

Your main task will be to communicate and provide answers to customers’ queries and depending on the company, you might need to call instead of text.

Working Solutions requires individuals to have some previous experience in online chatting with solid communication skills and a professional manner.

21. Hummr

Hummr is a platform much similar to Fibler, helping to connect people that need simple questions answered to qualified experts.

By answering questions that relate to your field of expertise, you can choose to answer questions over text or video chat and get paid in return.

The more answers you offer, the more customers you will attract. As you’re free to set your own rates, it’s practically up to you how much you earn for each provided answer.

To sign-up, download the app and set up an account for visitors to see the services you offer at a fee.

With a large demographic sector mostly comprised of men, it comes as no surprise for these platforms to cater and satisfy demands by providing text, chat, and flirt service to men online.

Most platforms generate revenues through these kinds of services, creating the need to hire individuals that are willing to get paid for sexting, to get paid to talk to lonely men, and get paid to text flirt is high in demand and on the rise.

Is It Safe To Make Money Flirting Online?

To get paid to text chat sounds easy and doable, but still, you mustn’t forget that safety should be your number one priority.

Having some safety tips before signing-up will give you an idea of what to expect and how you can ensure your personal safety whilst being able to get paid to message online.

You are never obliged to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing and if you feel a service may jeopardize your image, safety, and reputation, you do have the choice to decline the offer or change the requirements according to your terms and conditions.

  1. Never reveal the location of where you live