Netflix’s ‘Attempting to sell Tampa’ Is ‘Attempting to sell Sunset’ Having 10 Minutes the Crisis

Netflix’s ‘Attempting to sell Tampa’ Is ‘Attempting to sell Sunset’ Having 10 Minutes the Crisis

Netflix’s “Promoting Tampa” pursue Allure Realty, which dreams when deciding to take the luxury real-house industry because of the storm. And do not care and attention-there are more than simply a few Christines on stack.


However have not received your fill of superior a residential property having a beneficial edge of premium drama? Don’t be concerned, Selling Sunset fans-Netflix’s this new twist-from, Selling Tampa, recently normally a mess and you can a lazy river to spare.

Offered how underwhelming our current check out which have Oppenheim A property turned into, Promoting Tampa could not keeps reach a better date. The truth collection, hence debuts Wednesday that have eight half-hours attacks, uses brand new comings and you will goings out of Charm Realty, run by Sharelle Rosado. This lady purpose? To take along the deluxe real estate market together nascent corporation, work at totally of the women off colour.

Sharelle, wife out-of previous NFL wide person Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, mainly based Charm inside 2019. When you are the girl government looks are yes a departure on the socially uncomfortable Oppenheim brothers, Sharelle’s focus on “tough love,” along side specific colleagues’ trust you to definitely she is some thing regarding a keen absentee company, try a meal having frustration.

Once the a native Floridian whoever college roommate means home from inside the Tampa, I was interested precisely what the group of properties do seem like. Perform brand new show concentrate on the ritzy waterfront residential property off Southern area Tampa and/or suburban ranches out-of North Tampa? Maybe a historic mansion otherwise a few in St. Pete?

The solution, it appears, is perhaps all of more than. Selling Tampa casts a broad web, testing a small amount of everything from the metropolis as well as close portion, nevertheless residential property are newer buildings. These are typically huge, loaded with services, and frequently with the higher tracts from house, although not necessarily due to the fact hitting because some of the midcentury house in the La. Just like the Charm agencies go us by way of their posts, the brand new temper is normally a lot more HGTV than simply Promoting Sunset.

Fans out-of Selling Sunset’s stiletto-enjoying villain might connect with a few of Offering Tampa’s shed members-especially Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere and you will Nest Reeves, a naughty and you will irreverent couples who experience confounding the elderly, a whole lot more booked associates. Addititionally there is Rena Upshaw Frazier, Allure’s very first agent, exactly who seems even more disrespected and you can sidelined and simply you’ll begin the woman own organization. And there can be Juawana Colbert, who specific telephone call “HR” due to how many times she generally seems to adhere the lady nose in the others’ business.

Before year or so, Netflix seemingly have begun building a unique steady of C-checklist reality celebs, into a par that have Actual Housewives and you may Bachelor famous people. Their truth features get establishments in their own personal best, and you can standouts such as for instance Chloe Veitch and you will Francesca Farago away from Too Sensuous to cope with have begun crossing-over from franchise to another. You will all of our state’s wealthy places in the near future feel as the replete having Attempting to sell show since they’re which have Real Housewives reveals? Which could you should be the future into the hence we all have been rushing.


Despite its spin-of position, but not, Attempting to sell Tampa has a feeling most of the its own. The male is practically non-existent contained in this show’s universe, instead of into the Offering Sunset in which we have to constantly see brand new agents flirt with you to Oppenheim or another. Right here, boys primarily appear to purchase a home or parachute for the for an easy films call.

Sharelle talks having high sanctimony from the her goal just like the commander off a workplace staffed with ladies away from color, however, the girl accept off “hard love” is why the expression “girlboss” is very just hypocrisy. A number of the woman representatives hunt enraged with her, although most useful joy of your collection was seeing everyone get together in any event-to own Colony’s blowout 30th party, towards the a corporate visit to Miami where it without a doubt had been not all necessary, as well as Juawana’s “Single Females” cluster.

As with Promoting Sundown, the newest agents’ personal lives largely flex off-screen; the elite group rivalries give most of the crisis. (Juawana is definitely Allure’s Davina.) Nevertheless wildest minutes are those that you do not discover future-for example whenever we go after Juawana in order to a night out together that have a person Sharelle place the woman up with, in order to read he’s most towards cum maintenance. (Look it or even understand what this means; I have not the heart to tell you.)

No-one will ever change Christine Quinn and the group, but if anyone’s ready to simply take this operation to another location level, these types of females just might should it be.